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Digital Marketing for Hospitality

Book rooms, fill tables and sell tours with marketing for hospitality

The hospitality sector has taken a beating recently, but there are signs of recovery. Now, every hotel, restaurant and activity provider is trying to find a way to market their brand most efficiently and effectively.

Hotel GM’s and restaurateurs now face the tricky balance of needing to invest in marketing without having the budget to invest in a marketing manager. A report by Gartner showed that the percentage of revenue allocated to marketing in 2021 dropped to just 5.4%.


Of course, as a GM or restaurant owner, it’s a catch-22 situation, you need to spend to get business, but you can’t afford to splash the cash into fruitless campaigns.


That’s where we come in!

These are just some of the struggles hospitality is facing.

  • Are you tired of not finding the needed workforce on the market, cannot fill positions in operations and are concerned about handling operations when future business kicks in?

  • Your current social media content is not corresponding with your usual high standards and reputation of your hotel as you lack time and resources.

  • Do you wish to have sophisticated, quality content on your social media platforms individually designed for your target audiences on all platforms?

  • You are not exposed to all the essential benefits of Digital Marketing for hotels but want to be one step ahead of the competition by building a digital marketing plan customised to your target audience and hotel facilities.

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