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The Importance of Facebook for Companies

Facebook is the most popular social media channel on the planet. It is the go-to social media platform for individuals looking to connect with friends and family. It is a website that allows users to share information and to find out about all types of news and trends. Facebook is also a vital tool for any business. Although it has changed some of its rules for businesses in recent time, Facebook is still an important and dynamic tool that allows you to reach customers.

So, why should your company have a Facebook Business Page?

Exposure to Customers

It has been reported that Facebook has over one billion active users. That is a lot of individuals and your company can market products and services to many of these users. Adding a business page allows you to have a central hub that other Facebook users can explore. It also gives potential customers a place to find out more information about your brand.

Increases Interest

Facebook is a great tool to increase awareness and interest in your business. You cannot survive on Facebook alone and will need another home on the Internet. But it is a social media channel that enables lead generation. The platform allows you to engage with an audience to increase interest and by posting information that leads followers to your website every week, you can improve traffic.

Inexpensive to Use

Starting a Facebook business page is free. All you have to do is sign up and begin building he page. You don’t even need a fancy graphic designer to create a logo. Many companies use images of their business or employees to promote themselves on Facebook. In addition, Facebook allows businesses to run ads. You could run an ad on Facebook for very little. These strategically placed ads allow you to reach customers that met specified parameters.

Target Audience

Facebook is great as it collects information from all of its users around the world and gives you the chance to market to those in your target audience. There may be more than 1 billion active Facebook users, but you still need to target your product or service to people that want or need it. Facebook’s ability to target market is far better than traditional advertising channels. For example, if you own a sports memorabilia store and advertise on television, your ad may not even reach a sports fan. However, Facebook’s ability to collect data can find your target audience making it more likely you will connect with sports fans looking for memorabilia. If you don’t want to run an advertising campaign, you can always choose to boost a post and reach a number of potential customers for very little.

A One-Stop Shop

Business pages on Facebook are easy to customise and complete daily business through. You can sell products and services directly through a Facebook business page. Facebook also allows you to interact and engage with customers. This shows you are responsive and take customer service seriously.

Facebook is an important tool for any business. It isn’t just a trend that will go away tomorrow, therefore, companies should take advantage of it.

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